To be a personal injury lawyer, one has to earn first a law degree, pass the written bar examination, then go to a specialize training in tort law and pass two certification examinations provided for by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification and the American Bar Association. Aside from these requirements, he must also develop and possess great skills through the course of his practice in this particular specialized law, tort law, such as: oral advocacy, negotiation, client development, analytical thinking and in-depth knowledge in the field of personal injury law. 

Due to the uncertainty of the economy, stricter regulations in various fields of business operations and management are being imposed on existing business establishments, including that of growing companies, and this kind of scenario may contributory factor why litigation is on the rise. On the other hand, if these occurrences continue, it can provide a positive outlook for employment for lawyers at who specialize in personal injury cases. However, if drastic changes are going to be executed such that there will be reforms in the civil justice system, mainly with respect to implementation of the tort law, the outcome will be towards a decrease in tort law litigation, to which this form of outcome can be a deterrent factor to those who plan to practice personal injury law cases. 

A personal injury lawyer's main responsibility is to provide legal representation to an individual who has suffered from an alleged physical or psychological injury as a result of a negligence or careless act of another person, entity or company. Throughout the legal representation process, a personal injury lawyer helps the injured individual gets compensation for the losses that the person concerned has experienced, as a result of the injury, such as loss of earnings due to the inability to work; physical and psychological pain and suffering; medical expenses as treatment for the injury, current and future; emotional distress; loss of companionship, in cases where a friend or loved one died during the cause of injury; legal costs including attorney's fees. It is also part of the lawyer's responsibility to safeguard his client from being victimized by the insurance company of the defendant and the legal system tactics which can be maneuvered in favor of the defendant's party through skillful schemes by the defense attorney. 


Aside from this, Greenwald Law Firm lawyer is also involved in the following tasks: screening and interviewing the client and assessing the merits of his case; investigating the client's claim and gathering evidences to prove the claim; formulating legal theories; researching case laws; drafting pleadings, motions and discovery; interviewing and disposing witnesses; preparing for trial; advocating at trial; and counselling the client.